Luke Armstrong - Presentation

Photo by Jared Thompson in 2017. (

Luke Armstrong's music is a fusion of traditional British folk and more modern influences, which draws on rapid fingerpicking, flamenco techniques and unusual open tunings. His compositions vary from personal reflections and accounts to more traditionally-influenced ballads with a personal twist.

Currently, Luke usually performs with accompaniment from Josetxo Orueta (fretless bass) and Arantza Molina (violin). Luke also occasionally plays with the Easo Araoz Gazte, who add harmonies, composed by Josu Elberdin, to Luke´s songs, giving them a very distinctive choral sound.

Having been based in San Sebastian since 2011, Luke quickly integrated into the local music scene, taking up a residency in local venue Leize Gorria. Over the past few years, he has played in various venues and festivals in Northern Spain. Luke released his first album ´Back and Forth´ in April 2015.

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