Josetxo Orueta

Josetxo plays the 5 string fretless bass guitar and composes and performs the bass accompaniment to Luke's songs. Furthermore, he is an author, songwriter and the founder of ‘Gentequehacecosas', an association whose objective is to support the cultural base in the Donostialdea area.

Loic Alejandro

Loic is one of the founding members of Stringedwood, plays with Tristan Crowley and also designs and manages this website. Loic and Tristan have been playing together for some time in Les Fleurs Sauvages (with Mikel Uharte) and also as part of Tristan Crowley & band. Loic adds a range of instrumentation and accompaniment to these music projects, including the cavaquinho, percussion, vocal harmonies and the bass guitar. He also plays the cat.

Karina Carmona

Karina is a Mexican cellist who usually performs with Tristan Crowley. The warm, mellow instrumentation she adds to Tristan's music helps it create its unique sound. She also plays in other projects in the city as well as teaching the cello.

Edorta Subijana

Edorta came up with the idea for the first ‘Basoka' festival in 2015 and put us in contact with the Coro Easo, C.C Lugaritz and La Comunidad de Vecinos de Aiete for this project. After the success of this festival, we're planning on working together on more events and future editions of the Basoka festival. What's more, Edorta has also helped out with some posters and artwork to date, and this year he's going to get more involved in the artwork for Stringedwood too.