What is Stringedwood ?

Stringedwood is a Donostia-based collective, dedicated to the promotion of folk and singer-songwriter music in The Basque Country and further afield. Our collective is based on a shared passion for folk music and composition, as well as friendship and mutual support.

What are our aims?

  • To promote music nights in Donostia which support and motivate local musicians to play their own songs in public.

  • To create folk music sessions that are framed in the optimal setting and context for the music, the audience and the performer.

  • To unite folk musicians, in our events and online, to make it easy for people to find other folk artists similar to those that they already like.

  • To create a source of information about folk music, based in Donostia-San Sebastian.

  • To unite folk music lovers, as well as other musical collectives from other neighbouring towns, with ours in Donosti. We hope to create a circuit, including Donosti and other nearby towns, which should attract up-and-coming musicians from other areas to perform here. We hope that this will help us attract more promising folk acts to Donostia, supporting the local music scene.

What do we do?

The members of the collective organise music nights here in which musicians perform their own songs. We organise ‘The Stringedwood Sessions', our folk nights, which take place in the Doka three times a year. Our current plan is to try to attract more up-and-coming musicians to Donostia to play in these sessions. We also organise singer-songwriter nights in Alboka, which are a showcase for people's own music and are open to all. Get in touch (contact@stringedwood.org) if you're interested in getting involved.

On our webpage, we offer information about when and where the Stringedwood artists are performing. We also have a blog about music and projects which interest us; its purpose is to entertain and inform our fellow music-lovers (particularly folkies).

Our projects vary and develop as we try to respond to what we perceive as the gaps in the music scene here. We started off with the singer-songwriter nights, because few people seemed to be playing their own songs; our next step was to make this site and the Stringedwood sessions because there weren't any other folk-nights or folk-sites; now we're looking towards creating ties with other towns and bringing more up-and-coming musicians to our sessions, to create a network between local towns which share an interest in the kind of music we like.

Who are the Stringedwood ‘artists' ?

The people who play in The Stringedwood Sessions are the ‘artists', and they are selected using the following basic criteria:

  • they write their own songs.

  • they share the same concerns and vision as the rest of the collective.

  • the members of Stringedwood agree that what they do fits in with the philosophy and music taste of the collective.

Who are the ‘members' of Stringedwood and what do they do?

We decide who plays in the nights and what goes on the site. We also plan and manage our projects and work together to set up and run the sessions. At the moment, the members are Luke, Loic, Joana, Tristan, Iñigo, Iker and Charlie. We hope that the collective continues to grow and remains open, whilst maintaining a specific identity.

Is Stringedwood only for musicians?

No. We are always open to new collaborators to make new videos, help out with recordings, take photos, do some artwork or anything along those lines. If you've got an idea of something you could do to help us and want to help us out, we'd be delighted to meet you and find out more about you and your ideas!

Any questions?

Write to us and ask us. contact@stringedwood.org