Video Sessions

The Stringedwood Sessions : Interpreting Cohen

This series of videos follows on from a night of the songs of Leonard Cohen, in which local musicians interpreted the songs of Leonard Cohen in Alboka (in Donostia-San Sebastian). In these videos, we aim to record some of the songs which were performed that night by those who performed them. There may be some extra videos of songs which weren´t played at the night too and some other musicians may get involved too. Some of the interpretations are close to the originals; others are more in the performers own style. Hope you enjoy them!

The Stringedwood Sessions : Interpreting Dylan

This series follows on from a night we organised several years ago in which local musicians played covers of the songs of Bob Dylan. We´ll be recording the musicians who played in that night, as well as some others, doing some of their favourite Dylan songs in the style that they choose.

Interpreting Dylan

The Stringedwood Video Sessions

This series will focus on local musicians playing their own songs.