The Stringedwood Sessions: so far, so good.

The Stringedwood Sessions arose from our concern that live music should always be framed in the optimal setting to let it really come to life. For our sessions, weʼve teamed up with our friends at the Doka to host tri-monthly acoustic music nights in Donosti that offer quality folk music in an appropriately friendly, cosy atmosphere.

When you walk into a venue on the night of a concert, the way the room has been set up tells you a lot about what to expect and how youʼre expected to behave: we realise that context is key, so attention to detail is needed on the part of organisers. Rows of chairs facing a stage suggest an intimate concert to listen to quietly; a stage with hefty speakers surrounded by open space suggests you may well be on your feet, dancing and singing along; a tucked away stage suggests there will be some background music for bar/restaurant chat etc. At The Stringedwood Sessions, intimate folk music is on centre stage, so a calm, friendly atmosphere is what weʼre aiming for. The audience are often invited to sit on the floor at our sessions, since weʼve learnt that this helps create the kind of atmosphere in which singer-songwriter and folk music are most appreciated and enjoyable. The sessions are hosted at the Doka because the Doka is a welcoming concert venue, where the music and atmosphere come first, which is a concern we share. On top of that, weʼve been lucky enough to have Pris Arandiga Gil and Loic Alejandroʼs expertise with the artwork too, ensuring the posters suit the night.

Weʼre building on the sessions, learning from each one, thanks to helpful suggestions from people in the audience and our own ideas. Weʼve really enjoyed the nights and have been motivated by the positive public response and good turn-outs. In October, Charlie Atkey and Indigo inaugurated the sessions and in January it was Les Fleurs Sauvages and Mery May who took to the stage. At the moment, weʼre looking into the logistics of getting rugs, blankets, paintings and candles for the next night in April (Jan Fol + Luke Armstrong, 11.04.2014) to help maximise the special atmosphere that the last few nights have had. Get in touch ( if youʼve got any suggestions for future nights - weʼd love to hear from you and hope to see you there.